Ways to be More Romantic

More recommendations on romance taken from the book 1001 Ways to Be Romantic by Gregory J.P. Godek.

  • First the basics: flowers; chocolate; greeting cards (store bought); greeting cards (home-made); jewelry; teddy bears; lingerie; love poems; love songs and love
  • coupons.
  • Additional basics include love letters, sending flowers to the office, breakfast in bed, weekend get-aways and walks on the beach.
  • Surprises are an integral part of being romantic. The everyday and ordinary can be made into the unexpected and special. Surprises come in all shapes and sizes, and in all budget ranges. Add surprises to your repertoire.
  • The surprise get-away weekend is a romantic classic. Take advantage of nearby hotel’s special weekend packages (often appropriately called “marriage saver weekends” or “lovers escape weekends”); or find a quaint bed & breakfast or picturesque inn. Pack bags for both of you and whisk your partner away upon his or her arrival from work.
  • Buy tickets well in advance to the theatre, symphony, ball game or concert. Don’t tell her what the tickets are for…simply tell her to mark her calendar. The mystery surrounding the event will be almost as much fun as the event itself.
  • While out shopping with her, if she’s trying on an outfit she adores (or that you find sexy)—pay for it quickly while she’s still in the dressing room. Return to the dressing room with a pair of scissors, cut off the price tag, and announce that she can wear the outfit out of the store. Watch her jaw drop. The watch her leap into your arms.
  • Use sparklers instead of candles on his birthday cake.
  • Celebrate half birthdays every six months.
  • Greet him at the front door wearing a big red ribbon—and nothing else.
  • Choose a special evening and make a big production of it. Run the bath. Add candles. Garnish with cheese and fruit. Provide wine or champagne, and a book to read. Then get rid of the kids, and make yourself scarce until it’s time to towel her off.
  • Towel her dry after she showers. Slowly.
  • A wintertime bath suggestion: warm her towel in the dryer right before she is to use it.
  • Mail him a pair of your sexist panties. Attach a note.
  • You can recapture the glow, the passion and the excitement. It’s largely a mindset, followed by a few active gestures. Live as lovers. Not just as husband and wife.

Being truly romantic involves opening yourself up and revealing your feelings. Granted, that can be a risky thing to do. But if you’re not going to open up to your lover, who else is there? And if you’re not going to be romantic and open up, then what’s the point of being in a relationship in the first place?

If it’s your partner who needs a kick in the pants, be more romantic yourself, and see if he/she gets the message and responds in kind. Give it about two weeks to sink in. If he/she doesn’t respond, then aim at changing his/her level of awareness about the need for more romance/intimacy/communication in your relationship.

Teach him/her what it is you want.

Be willing to go out of your way to be romantic. Pull out all the stops. Don’t tiptoe into being more romantic. Be outrageously romantic.

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