Romancing Your Valentine: A Collection of Romantic Gestures

In preparation for Valentine’s day, here are a collection of romantic ideas, seductive gestures, caring attitudes and loving behaviors, taken from Cindi Haynes and Dale Edwards in their book: 2,002 Romantic Ideas (Adams Media Publishers).

  • When shopping for gifts, think extra-special, romantic, unique to your partner’s tastes, nonpractical, tasteful and meaningful.
  • Kiss goodnight. Kiss goodnight every night.
  • When you set a romantic table, use the good china, sterling flatware, cloth napkins, candles, tablecloth/placemats and a floral centerpiece.
  • Compliment your mate in public. It doubles the benefits of the compliment.
  • Get out of your dating rut. Choose something the two of you have never done together.
  • Have your mate give you a list of her dream gifts so you will always have great ideas for presents. Ask her to update that list periodically.
  • Don’t just say you love him. Show him in multiple ways that you love him.
  • Feed him chocolates, tropical fruits, gourmet finger foods or homemade goodies.
  • Even if you’ve been married forty years, continue to date each other.
  • Rules for a night of great romance: no children, no interruptions, no pets, no telephones and no workplace chitchat.
  • To make her feel important, give her your full attention.
  • Know the rules for choosing a great restaurant for a romantic evening. Look for one that requires dressing up for dinner, is elegant, has candles and flowers on the table, has a fireplace and has good food (especially desserts).
  • Know that extravagance goes a long, long way in the world of romance. Do not be a penny pincher.
  • Imagine that you will never see your lover again, and then write a long love letter to her telling her what she has meant to you.
  • Chivalry is back in style. Actually, it never lost it’s style. Ditto for good manners and gallantry.
  • Whisk him away on a surprise weekend getaway where you’ve made all the arrangements, and bring your sense of adventure and be willing to try new things.
  • Call your lover at work to say: hurry home, I miss you, meet me, I love you, thanks for last night or let’s do something romantic tonight.
  • Find a way to share each other’s interests, activities or hobbies.
  • Email him a unexpected love note. Add an element of surprise or mystery to it.
  • Know your lover’s sizes so that you can give the perfect-fitting gift. Carry them in your wallet so that you will have them whenever you shop.
  • Ask your lover to give you a list of his/her top dream vacation spots. See if you can turn that dream into a reality.
  • At the beginning of each month, make a list of romantic gestures and dates that you can do and vow to do them.
  • If you want her to feel sexy, give her a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret—or a similar place that sells sexy lingerie.
  • Put a great deal of effort into planning your vacations. Turn them into second honeymoons.
  • Massage his neck after a stressful day at work.
  • How you present a gift is almost as important as the gift itself. Always be elegant and romantic in your presentation.
  • Put a dimmer switch on your bedroom lighting—and consider buying a chandelier for your bedroom.
  • Dangerous romance killers: arrogance, conceit, jealousy, anger, depression, selfishness and entitlement.
  • Help your mate obtain: dreams, goals, success, recognition, unique forms of self-expression and personal happiness.
  • Follow in Eve’s footsteps, but with a twist: tempt him with a chocolate apple.
  • Always show your lover goodwill, tenderness and kindness

“This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love. The more they give, the more they possess.” —Rainer Maria Rilke

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