Love, Sex, and Staying Warm: Creating a Vital Relationship

Neil Rosenthal’s #1 international best seller!

Is your relationship suffering? Does the person sleeping beside you feel like a stranger sometimes? Love, Sex, and Staying Warm has practical advice to help you rebuild your passion and rekindle your flame. Get the book now:

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Why read Love, Sex and Staying Warm?

In Love, Sex, and Staying Warm, internationally renowned relationship expert and “trouble-fixer” Neil Rosenthal shares practical and actionable strategies to rekindle your flame, strengthen your relationship, and bring you and your partner back to the passionate love you once felt. In short, easy to read chapters, Neil offers a ton of suggestions and practical advice to help you make your relationship stronger, closer and more intimate.

If you’ve ever felt that your relationship has weakened over time, or that the trust, love, and passion has begun to fade, this book is a must read for you (and your partner).

From a quiz asking you if you are sabotaging your relationship, to an explanation of romantic intelligence, to a discussion about walling yourself off and having a guarded heart, to an exercise in deepening your relationship, this book can be the road map to a re-ignited relationship.

Included in this book is a discussion on how to romance a woman, how to handle criticism better, how to overcome defensiveness, how worthy of love do you feel, a quiz on evaluating your relationship and a discussion on how people ruin their relationships. You’ll also get practical advice on:

  • How to jump-start your love life
  • What to do if you’ve grown apart
  • How to win back trust
  • Communicating effectively when you are hurt or angry
  • What women want in a husband
  • The cure-all for disconnection
  • How to be more romantic

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been married for a long time, you will find this book extremely valuable in strengthening your relationship and in keeping the flame alive.

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