Valentine’s Week Shouldn’t be the Only Time for Romance

As we approach Valentine’s Week, here are a whole gaggle of romantic ideas and suggestions taken from the book, 10,000 Ways To Say I Love You by Gregory J. P. Godek (Casablanca Press, 1999).

Two ground rules before we begin: First, it’s the doing and the expressing that makes romance work. Whatever else, remember that. Second, don’t just do these suggestions for Valentine’s Day. Make a sacred vow that you’ll be romantic all year long.

If you permit yourself to be romantic day in and day out, you’ll be a happier person, you’ll keep your love alive, you’ll add depth and meaning to your relationship, you’ll reconnect with your child-like nature, you’ll reduce the chance that your partner might cheat on you, you’ll probably live longer, you’ll increase the probability that you will stay married, you’ll be great role models for your children, you’ll strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence, you’ll have sex more often and you’ll stay young at heart, not to mention that you will have achieved something that few people have accomplished.

With those ground rules in mind, try these romantic suggestions:

  • Learn: How to cook your lover’s favorite meal; how to be affectionate while being sexual; how to listen actively instead of passively; how to give a really skillful massage; how to be independent without being distant; how to make love in that “special way” that your partner loves so much; how to grow togther instead of growing apart; how to keep your relationship as your number one priority amid life’s many demands, and how to chose gifts that your partner will love.
  • Sensuality enhancers: Run your fingers gently through your lover’s hair; create a romantic mood at home through soft lighting, and use it frequently, have great music playing in the background at home; keep three bouquets of fragrant flowers in the house; prepare a special taste treat for your lover every day for one week running; focus on the present moment and appreciate the “now,” buy scented candles; give him a great shoulder massage as he watches TV; buy a basket of scented bath oils and products; buy a set of silk or satin sheets; treat your partner (and yourself) to edible massage lotion, and drip chocolate on selected body parts before lovemaking.
  • Tell your lover: What words you want to hear during lovemaking; what the two most sensitive areas of your body are; how you would like your partner to dress
  • during lovemaking; tell her you want to help her learn how to experience multiple orgasms, and ask your partner to direct you—very specifically—in how he/she likes to be touched.
  • Tease your partner in a subtly sexy way while out in public.
  • Shower together. (It’s sexy and it saves water.)
  • Run your hands under warm water before going to bed.
  • Dance the tango together.
  • Hold her face gently in your hands when you kiss.

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