A Grown-Ups Guide to Romance

In case you need a refresher about how to romance the man/woman in your life, here are a variety of romantic suggestions.

Tell your mate that you—love, adore, admire, cherish, desire, want, need, prize, esteem, idolize, revere, treasure—him/her.

Plan a “mystery date” for next month.

Plan sexy surprises.

Shower together by candlelight.

Change one bad habit.

Go “above and beyond” for your partner.

Be funny.

Be playful.

Place a rose under the car windshield wiper.

Devote yourself to your partner’s happiness.

Do something out of the ordinary this weekend.

Get a vanity license plate with both of your initials.

Talk with your mate about how both of you can balance your lives better.

“Live as you would have wished to live when you are dying.” -Charles F. Gellert

Guys: Hold her dinner chair and help her put on her coat.

Touch more.

For busy couples: Schedule time for romance.

Find a bed and breakfast and schedule a weekend there for the two of you.

Get a copy of The Massage Book by George Downing, or Ultimate Sexual Touch—A Lover’s Guide to Sensual Massage. Practice one chapter per week on your lover.

Get tickets for an event. Keep where you’re going secret until the day of the event.

“Life is not what you did. It’s what you’re doing.” -Jim Burns

Commit to spending 10% more time together.

Commit yourself to being less judgmental.

Commit yourselves to having more fun together.

Roll up the rug and dance together at home.

Work on your communication skills.

You don’t have to be your lover’s best friend, but you must be a friend.

Cultivate humility.

Practice forgiveness.

Learn compromise.

Drip chocolate syrup on selected body parts before lovemaking.

Pay attention to the little things that put a smile on his/her face.

Remove the TV from your bedroom.

Apologize after an argument.

Be your lover’s biggest cheerleader.

Take a day hike together.

Date night.

Learn how to grow together instead of growing apart, how to be supportive without being controlling, how to share your feelings without dumping them on your partner and how to keep your relationship your number one priority amid life’s many demands.

Be a gentleman.

Add a “Romance” category to your budget.

Surprise her with flowers on the nightstand.

A note: “Here’s something I haven’t said to you in a long, long time…”

End each day together with a kiss.

Learn and practice the concept of courtship after marriage.

Plan one surprise for next week.

These suggestions are courtesy of Gregory J. P. Godek, in his book 10,000 Ways to Say I Love You (Sourcebooks Casablanca Publishers).

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