Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Men and Affairs?

How much do you know about infidelity and men? Take this quiz and find out. Answer all questions true or false. Answers are below.

  1. It is in men’s natures to want other sexual partners.
  2. No harm is done to a relationship if your partner doesn’t find out about your sexual adventures.
  3. A man doing poorly at his job is more likely to have an affair.
  4. Men who are outgoing are more likely to have affairs than shy men.
  5. Most women are completely surprised by the discovery of a man’s affair.
  6. A man’s family background has a lot to do with whether he will cheat or not.
  7. Heavy drinkers or drug users are more likely to cheat.
  8. A womanizer has a higher-than-average sex life.
  9. The other woman is probably a better sex partner or a more attractive woman than you are.



1. True. The desire for novelty seems to be stronger in males, according to some experiments with monkeys, rats and humans, while females seem to desire familiarity more. Many men battle this side of their natures, which is in conflict with an equally strong need for home life with a steady mate.

2. False. Some distancing unavoidably occurs when a person has an affair. You hide things, you become more closed mouth, you may spend less time at home, you may feel resentment because your partner is keeping you from your freedom, and you are more likely to be mentally and emotionally preoccupied with some one else. All of this will make you more aloof and distant from your primary mate.

3. True. Many men feel that their masculine pride is under attack when their careers have a setback. They may use a sexual conquest to counter this feeling. An affair can make the man feel more potent and masculine.

4. True. Researcher H. J. Instance’s studies show that extroverts have more sexual partners and start their sexual adventures earlier in life.

5. False. The majority of women know instinctively that something is wrong, that somehow he is different. After the affair comes out in the open, most women will tell you that they had an inkling beforehand.

6. True. The odds for infidelity increase considerably if a man’s father had affairs or if he comes from a background that fosters the belief that infidelity is a male privilege.

7. True. People with alcohol or drug dependencies have a higher-than-average rate of infidelity. Inhibitions drop when substances are used.

8. False. Most chronic philanderers are driven by poor self images, rather than runaway libidos. Feeling insecure as men, they use sexual conquest to validate that they are attractive and desirable.

9. False. Although it is an almost universal female response to compare yourself unfavorably with a rival, the man generally finds his sexual excitement generated more by the fact that she is a new partner than by the fact that she is sexier or better looking. Novelty is a stronger lure than sexual skill or physical attractiveness.

Source: Men Who Can’t Be Faithful by Carol Between (Warner)

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