Perfect Lovers

If someone were given instructions about how to seduce you, could you describe what they would do in order to seduce you perfectly, the exact way you’d like.

Do this interesting exercise together as a couple.  Ask each other the above question, and allow yourself to be taught how to be a better lover.  For the purpose of this exercise, let us define a good lover not by your techniques, but by how you set the stage.  How romantic, enticing and seductive a stage do you create as a prelude to lovemaking*

The following are guidelines only.  If you want a completely accurate list, ask the man or woman in your life, because only they can tell you how to make lovemaking perfect for them.

How to Make Love to a Man

  • Act close and loving
  • Tell him you love him
  • Use endearments
  • Initiate cuddling and snuggling
  • Lots of affectionate touching and holding
  • Kiss him a lot
  • Act sexy around him occasionally, and every once in a while wear something sexy as well
  • Occasionally leave him suggestive messages or notes
  • Tell him you want him
  • Occasionally fondle him when you kiss, or put his hand on your body
  • Initiate more, and be present and active when you make love

Men, am I leaving anything out?

How to Make Love to a Woman

  • If you want to make love to her at night, make love to her in other ways earlier in the day
  • Use lots of endearments and sweet talk
  • Give her authentic and genuine compliments
  • Non-sexually touch her a lot, and give her a lot of affection and kisses
  • Tell her you love her
  • Do not criticize, correct, fault-find or blame her (or do so very carefully and gently)
  • Invite her for a walk outside with you
  • Initiate cuddling and snuggling
  • Occasionally give her flowers
  • Every once in a while, use suggestive and seductive language with her, but do so tactfully and tastefully
  • Spend more time with her, and treat her as if she is the most important part of your life
  • Listen to her feelings without being defensive or reactive, and without trying to “fix” them
  • Give her occasional phone calls, notes, cards or messages telling her you’re thinking about her, or that you care
  • Be patient and present.  Women want long, slow, gentle foreplay

Women, am I leaving anything out?

Most men see sex as a physical experience, although they may be emotionally involved as well.  Women, on the other hand, usually want romance, affection, closeness and intimacy before they desire sex.

It is striking to realize that men and women basically get turned on by the same behaviors.

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