How Frequently Do Women Have Sex in Order to Please Men?

That question brought responses from women around the world. Listen to the various ways women view the subject and justify their feelings.

“I don’t think anyone should ever have to have sex in order please their partner,” says K.A.P., Amarillo, Texas.

“I had sex in order to please my husband most of the time. But now I don’t, and he’s angry about it. If he would let me get emotionally close to him, I would enjoy it more. Sometimes I’ve felt “this is what it must feel like for a prostitute.” He doesn’t want love or caressing, he just wants physical things. Once in awhile it would be okay, because I love him and want to please him, but not all the time. We are currently separated due to his unwillingness to communicate, share, or care,” writes J.S., a forty- four-year-old separated woman from Christchurch, New Zealand.

“If we have an unusually romantic evening, such as a lovely dinner out, or a fun and romantic weekend, I’m very responsive,” says S.F., a fifty-one-year-old married woman from Littleton, Colorado.

“I have sex quite often in order to please my boyfriend, and I am not at all okay about it. I feel incredibly resentful. My experience is that males have very high expectations in this area. I use it as a fair trade. I expect him to fix the guttering for it, and he usually does. Still, I wish he would remember that the going rate for sex as trade is $100 dollars a time minimum,” writes E.S., a thirty six-year-old single woman from Christchurch New Zealand.

“I have had sex with my husband just to please him, when I was too tired or worried or whatever, but this has not been a problem in our marriage. No, it never was okay with me. I felt like a mannequin,” writes R. F.

Therefore, to avoid anger, hurt or conflicts in this arena, gentlemen, be willing to openly address these questions with your lady, and see what she needs from you in order to feel sexual responsive, happy and loving.

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