Quiz: What Is Your Sexual IQ?

How much do you really know about sex?  Sure, you know the basics about the birds and the bees, but how savvy are you about all the rest of the stuff that goes on between the sheets?  Answer these questions, taken from Pepper Schwartz’s The Lifetime Love and Sex Quiz Book—and see how much you really know.

  1. Who’s having the most sex?  a) divorced men  b) single men or women under the age of 30  c)  married couples
  2. What percentage of heterosexuals loses their virginity by age 19?  a) 33%  b) 50%  c) 75-80%
  3. After having sex for the first time young men are most likely to feel a) afraid that his partner will get pregnant or that he’s contracted an STD  b) anxiety about performance  c) elation—he finally did it!
  4. After having sex for the first time, young women are most likely to feel  a) fearful of becoming pregnant and/or contracting an STD  b) guilt or regret  c) deep love
  5. What is the number one reason young women have sex for the first time?  a) curiosity  b) love or wanting to be loved  c) pressure or force from their boyfriends
  6. What is the number one reason young men have sex for the first time?  a) curiosity  b) love or wanting to be loved  c) peer pressure
  7. Where is the “G-spot”?  a) the lower wall of the vagina, about two inches in  b) the upper wall of the vagina, about two inches in c) maybe nowhere—many experts don’t think it exists
  8. What is the average time a couple spends making love, from shedding their clothes to the post-coital cuddle?  a) 15 minutes  b) a half hour  c) an hour
  9. The clitoris has a) twice as many nerve endings as the penis  b) about half as many nerve endings as the penis  c) one hundred times the nerve endings as the penis
  10. Which of these statements is true?  a) a woman can get pregnant during unprotected intercourse even if her male partner doesn’t ejaculate  b) a person can become infected with genital herpes by receiving oral sex from a partner who has herpes on his/her mouth  c) more than 40 million sexually active adults have human papilloma virus  d) all of the above
  11. Ask a heterosexual man the number one thing he would change about his partner’s sexuality and he’s most likely to wish that she would a) be more adventurous in bed  b) initiate sex more often  c) achieve orgasms more easily
  12. Which sexual position provides the most clitoral stimulation?  a) woman on knees, man behind  b) missionary position #1: male on top, on his knees; female on her back, with her legs open  c) missionary position #2: male on top with his legs fully extended; female on her back with her legs closed and extended straight out
  13. Of couples who have been together more than five years, who has the most sex?  a) married couples  b) cohabiting couples  c) gay or lesbian couples
  14. What percentage of people admit to having cheated on a partner?  a) between 10 and 20 %  b) 33%  c) 54%

SCORING.  Give yourself one point for each of these responses: 1.C  2.C  3. B or C  4.B  5.B  6.A  7.B or C  8.B  9.A  10.D  11.B  12.C  13.B  14.A

0-3 points: You’re a sex-ed dropout!  4-9 points: You’re not as savvy as you think you are.  10-13 points: You’re a sexual smarty pants!  A sex expert in disguise. 14 points: You’re a sex researcher aren’t you?

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