Quiz: How Comfortable Are You With Yourself?

The following quiz is designed to measure how comfortable you are with yourself.  To take the quiz, answer the following questions honestly:

  1. I envy others a lot.  __ Like me  __Unlike me
  2. I’m happy in my life. __ Like me  __Unlike me
  3. I have a lot of noise inside my head. I can’t stop thinking about things. __Like me  __Unlike me
  4. I feel proud of what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  5. I have good relationships with my extended family: my parents, children and other relatives   __Like me  __Unlike me
  6. I have good relationships with my in-laws.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  7. I have a hard time trusting people.   __Like me  __Unlike me
  8. I feel comfortable receiving affection.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  9. I feel comfortable receiving love.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  10. I feel comfortable giving affection to others.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  11. I feel comfortable giving love or being loving.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  12. I am fearful a lot.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  13. There’s a lot of things I’m anxious about. __Like me  __Unlike me
  14. I seem starved for other’s approval.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  15. I don’t get the acknowledgement and recognition I deserve.  __Like me __Unlike me
  16. I make friends easily.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  17. I feel like I’m still messed up from things that happened to me in my childhood.    __Like me  __Unlike me
  18. I felt loved and valued by my father.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  19. I felt loved and valued by my mother.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  20. I feel successful in love.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  21. I feel successful at my work.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  22. Overall, I’m glad I’m me and I like my life.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  23. I can be a lot of fun to be with.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  24. There’s a big defensive wall I frequently hide behind. __Like me  __Unlike me
  25. I’m a people pleaser a lot.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  26. I frequently feel cheated by life—that I’ve lost out.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  27. I would describe myself as a able, capable, competent person.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  28. People see me as trustworthy and reliable.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  29. I tend to choose emotionally unavailable intimate partners  __Like me  __Unlike me
  30. I tend to reject intimate partners who want me a lot.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  31. I can usually make up my mind and stick to my decisions. __Like me  __Unlike me
  32. I like being the gender that I am.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  33. I often feel ashamed of myself.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  34. I feel heard and understood most of the time.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  35. I get upset easily when I am criticized or when someone asks me to do something differently.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  36. I get angry at people a lot.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  37. I easily get discouraged.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  38. I love myself.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  39. I can do most anything I set my mind to.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  40. I would describe myself as attractive, sexy and appealing.  __Like me  __Unlike me
  41. My sex  life is satisfying and fulfilling.  __Like me  __Unlike me

What does this quiz tell you about yourself and what you may want to change about your like?

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