What’s Draining You?

Have you ever noticed what happens when you keep pursuing a business that refuses to succeed?  When you hang onto items that a represent  a failed relationship or old financial problems, or piles of things to do or things to file that you never get to?  These items are huge energy drains that can keep you tied to the past and may actually prevent you from moving on with your life.

When you finally let go of or handle the items that cause you anxiety or emotional drain, you are freeing up your energy so you can be more productive and effective—at work, at home and personally.  And your relationships grow stronger because you’re able to be present for others.  Not only do you feel better, but you also make physical and mental space for potentially great new possibilities to enter into your life, such as a new friend or romantic partner, a new job, more money or more opportunities.

Once we go through and plug up these energy drains, especially the ones that cause us anxiety and stress, we free up enormous amounts of energy to be used for better things.  In plain English, these energy drains cost too much.

If you are interested in cleaning up your energy drains, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a phone call I need to make—or a conversation I need to have—that I keep avoiding?
  • Have I said yes to a commitment that I now regret?
  • Am I involved in a project that no longer holds my interest?
  • Is there something I’m doing that I know should be delegated to someone else?
  • Am I pursuing a goal that no longer makes sense, or that requires more than I can give?
  • Am I holding on to something in my home or office that represents a difficult time in my life that keeps me attached to the past?
  • Am I dealing with a sick child or an aging parent alone?
  • My nagging inner voice keeps telling me to…
  • What life or career goals do I have that I’m not actively pursuing?
  • What relationship problems am I avoiding, not addressing or not resolving?
  • What balls am I juggling that I need to drop?
  • Do I suffer from trying to please too many people too often?
  • Do I suffer from being too much of a perfectionist?
  • What losses am I still grieving?
  • What am I depressed about?
  • How anxious am I?  About what?
  • How angry am I?  About what?
  • Am I doing anything that violates my values—my sense of right and wrong?

Here’s what you can do.  Locate several of your energy drains.  Decide if any can just be dropped or delegated, and if so, just do it.  Then, schedule time to tackle several of the items, then break the problems into small tasks and get to work.  Once you’ve finished a task, do something enjoyable to reward yourself and to motivate you to continue with the process.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel if you reduce the areas which are zapping your energy and strength.

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