Reader Says, “Women Want Too Much From Men”

Dear Neil: I’m confused. I get mixed signals from single women I’ve dated about what they want a man to be, and about what they expect from a man in an intimate relationship. Most women clearly want a man to be financially stable and affluent—in essence to pay for everything, and to offer the long term possibility that they will be taken care of financially. Other women want fun. A good time. Still other women appear to insist on romance and romantic gestures (flowers, super polite and well mannered, holding doors open for them, being the initiator of affection, romance and sexual encounters, aggressive but not too aggressive).

Some of that I can do—and do well. But the list continues. I am also to be an excellent communicator and a great listener. And to be attentive, generous and well-adjusted. And to make her feel valued or cherished. And to have a great sense of humor and make her laugh. I am also to be clean, well-groomed, well-dressed, honest, open, monogamous, faithful, have integrity, have good self-esteem, be fit, be good-looking, athletic, good with children, great lover—you get the picture.

My question is: Do you think single women expect way too much of men? Do you think most single men find it difficult in meeting women’s expectations? Have you ever tried, for instance, to be witty and funny and to make people laugh? My jokes often fall flat. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor, but try as I might, I have a hard time making a women laugh.

Do you think that single women ask too much of men?

Unable to Live Up to Expectations in Canada

Dear Unable: Yes, some women do—but you don’t want those women. They’re too high maintenance; too hard to keep happy and content.

Here are some recommendations: quit trying to make women laugh. Although women may often say that’s one of their top most criteria in selecting a man, in truth, being with a stand up guy who acts attentive, polite, sincere, interested, genuine and fun—is the surest way to a woman’s heart, hands down. Yes, romance is appreciated. It’s the spice that juices things up. Yes, affection is desirable. It’s the aphrodisiac. Yes, clean and well-groomed is attractive, and fidelity is considered essential by many.

But I am suggesting that it’s a mistake to attempt to be all things to all females. Choose those traits you value, those you’re good at and those you’d like to improve or be better at. If that’s not enough for a woman, go elsewhere. Nobody is Superman. We’re all people, and we all excel in some things but not in others.

Consider what it would be like if you succeeded in wooing a woman with all the traits you listed: you were witty, romantic, communicative, athletic, attentive, generous, affluent, fun and so on. And you made her laugh. How long do you think you could keep it all up before the lady figured out that you really weren’t all those things? I could talk about the traits and qualities that single men look for in women—what men expect of women—but I won’t. Let’s just say that if you can’t succeed by essentially being yourself, you’re with the wrong person.

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  1. If women demand x from men, then women need to supply x to men

    If men demand x from women, then men can supply x to women

    Its called fairness

  2. Neil, you are right on with what you said to that reader who wrote in about single women expecting way too much from single men.They never used to be like that, 30 or 40 years ago,i’m a 51 year old man, i should know.A man could’nt possibly live up to all of the things that he mentioned,it’ s impossible and not realistic and not fair also.I’ve never had much luck with women myself,and this could be the real reason why,you can’t please some of them no matter what you do.

  3. Yes, women want too much. They want the man who attracts them to change everything to her specification and let her be the one who makes all of the decisions. No more fun with the guys, no more sports, certainly no more women. What she doesn’t realize is that she is never going to be enough on her own to replace those things in her man’s life.

    Women expect to have their every desire catered to. That is but one reason a man needs to have money. He can never have enough. If this were a fair world, she would see to it that she takes care of his desires, yet few women do. He and his wants aren’t that important to her.

    While I enjoy the casual company of women, I will never again look for a closer relationship with one. I will therefore never date as the implications lead to problems I have no interest in dealing with.

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