Outrageously Romantic Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Sizzling

What does sizzling romance consist of?

Romance is about attempting to connect and stay connected to someone else.  If you are a true romantic, you define yourself as a “lover” regardless of other roles; you’re in touch with your feelings; you pursue new and different experiences and you make your intimate relationship a top priority in your life.

Here are a variety of romantic suggestions, some of which have been borrowed from Gregory J. P. Godek’s books 10,000 Ways to Say I Love You and 1001 Ways to Be Romantic.  Recapture the glow, the passion and the excitement in your relationship by being more romantic.  It’s largely a mindset, followed by a few active gestures.  Live as lovers.  Not just as husband and wife.

  • First the basics: flowers; chocolate; greeting cards (store bought); greeting cards (homemade); jewelry; teddy bears; lingerie; love poems; love songs and love coupons
  • Additional basics include love letters; sending flowers to the office; breakfast in bed; weekend getaways and walks on the beach or in the mountains.
  • Say “I love you” every day—without fail.
  • Hug.  Cuddle.  Snuggle. Touch.  Stroke.  Massage.  Being affectionate is a key to being romantic.
  • Don’t just walk into the house like you always do.  Pause on the porch…ring the doorbell and greet her with a rose and a bottle of champagne.
  • Create an “at home date,” including dinner, dancing and semi-formal attire.
  • Surprises are an integral part of being romantic.  The every day and ordinary can be made into the unexpected and special.  Surprises come in all shapes and sizes, and in all budget ranges.  Add surprises to your repertoire.
  • The surprise getaway weekend is a romantic classic.  Take advantage of hotel special weekend packages, or find a quaint bed & breakfast or picturesque inn.
  • Do you know what your partner considers erotic, or do assume you know?  Do you figure she likes what your last girlfriend enjoyed?  Do you think he’s just like the guy described in last month’s woman’s magazine?  Talk about what each of you considers erotic, and set your inhibitions and judgments aside.
  • For a gift, get extra-nice wrapping paper and fancy bows.  Never give a gift without wrapping it.
  •  Change one bad habit.  Preferably the one s/he has been nagging you about.  Stop smoking, drop ten pounds, etc.
  •  Learn how to be affectionate while sexual, how to listen actively instead of passively and how to grow together instead of growing apart.
  • Run your fingers gently through your lover’s hair; create a romantic mood at home with soft lighting, and use it frequently; keep a bouquet of fragrant flowers in the house; prepare a special taste treat for your lover every day for a one week running; buy scented candles; tease your partner in a subtly sexy way while out in public; run your hands under warm water before going to bed; hold her face gently in your hands when you kiss.
  • Commit to spending 10% more time together; being less judgmental; having more fun together; feeling your feelings of love and acting on those feelings; listening without interrupting and saying nothing negative or judgmental for three days.
  • Give her a genuine compliment at least once a day—every day.

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