Couples Workshop

You May Want To Try Our Couples Workshop

If you are currently going through a difficult time in your relationship, you may want to try our couples workshop, which is another name for a marriage or couples retreat. This is only for the two of you—it’s not a group. We provide an in-depth, intensive evaluation of your current situation to assist in exposing the real reasons why your relationship is having trouble. Often, our relationship intensive workshop will show that there has been a slow breakdown of communication. By utilizing our marriage intensive techniques, we can quickly get you pointed in the correct direction so that you are both talking about the fights, hurtful words or disagreements that you have had. By discussing these subjects and working through them, our relationship workshop can assist you in resolving your issues and bring back the closeness that was once present in your relationship.

Our Marriage Intensive Workshop Provides In-Depth Analysis

Most marriage counseling sessions will take a few weeks to even discuss what the real problems are between you and your partner. We believe that this type of approach is too slow. Our marriage intensive workshop moves along much quicker so that a solution is provided in a faster amount of time. Typically, you’ll be involved in our relationship workshop anywhere from 3 to 5 days. The amount of time that you need to spend in our relationship intensive workshop will depend on the severity of the issues that you and your partner need to work through.

We Cater To Your Specific Needs

We know that you have specific issues in your relationship which need to be addressed. This makes your couples workshop unique. We will have to do an analysis and determine why you are currently having problems. This may be due to lack of romance and affection, loss of trust, conflict resolution or a breakdown in your daily communication with each other. Our main goal is to eliminate these type of issues and help you create an agreement that will assist in eliminating these challenges.

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